Trash compactor Cleaning and Environmentally Sound Reclamation Pressure Washing.

Most commercial enterprises who own and use trash compactors are well aware of how difficult it is to keep them clean and serviceable.  As the owner of Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. my personal experience cleaning trash compactors is well into the hundreds and I’ve become quite aware of some of the difficulties commercial property owners and managers are faced with trying to keep them maintained.  Residential neighbors often complain about them, county and state officials often step in and require some type of clean up plan to prevent them from leaking pollutants into the storm water catch basins they usually sit right next to.  In my personal experience about one third to one half of the ones I’ve seen and cleaned leak due to rusting, defective seals, or driver and employee negligence.

Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. has a powerful low cost method of pressure washing these pieces of equipment with hot water, while simultaneously capturing all of the used and polluted waste water, and hauling that water away for proper disposal at a state licensed water treatment facility.

Please Contact Us for a free demonstration, we will come clean one for you at no cost to demonstrate our techniques so you can see for yourself how we accomplish this while preventing any water from entering the storm drains.  Also, please visit our Photo Gallery to see the results we can provide you!

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