Mechanized Cleaning Solutions provides a wide range of  commercial and residential pressure washing services to suit your needs

  1. Reclamation hot or cold water pressure washing

  2. Commercial or residential pressure washing

  3. Indoor pressure washing with no mess and no flooding

  4. Pressure wash multi-level parking garages

  5. Parking garage cleaning

  6. Pressure wash fuel station pads

  7. trash compactors &dumpster cleaning services

  8. Heavy construction equipment

  9. Vehicle Fleets

  10. Commercial truck fleets

  11. Factory and warehouse floors with no mess and no flooding

  12. Shopping carts

  13. Grease trap flooding and overflow clean ups

  14. Waterless concrete oil stain removal

  15. Spill clean ups

Some applications offered by our company require reclamation pressure washing due to current environmental laws.  Contact Us for more information.


  1. Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is a licensed contractor, bonded and insured. Specialty contractor (PW) license # MECHACS892M7.

  2. Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. uses hot water and has various reclamation capabilities and equipment for specific applications.

  3. Due to the specialized nature of our equipment and process, when cleaning multi-story structures such as parking garages, we can clean them one level at a time without evacuating the entire structure during the project due to water leakage concerns, and well founded concerns about damage to personal property of customers and residents.

  4. Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. does not insist on controlling the transport and disposal of used wash water on the cleaning projects that are tasked to us. We are happy to let our waste water vendor bill the customer directly which can save a small amount of money for our customers.

  5. Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. as a result of experience, proceeds from the assumption that despite our best effort, flaws in our work may be present when we think we’re done, and so we leave an invitation open, and planned for, to return to correct any deficiencies left from our work at no additional charge.

  6. Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. cleaned nearly a million SQFT of concrete it’s first year in business.

  7. Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is equipped with the best over-built, commercial equipment for our type of work.

Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc.

Proudly Serving Seattle, Western Washington, and the Greater Puget Sound.