Hello, my name is Ben Shrope, owner and operator of Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc.  A licensed, bonded and insured, mobile pressure washing specialty contractor.  License # MECHACS892M7.  More particularly, our company offers an alternative, highly effective parking garage cleaning service utilizing a combination of hot water and waste water reclamation.

BENEFITS:   Our hot water process, although more complex than the normal cold water “rinse down” process used by most companies, will provide a superior result.  There will be a significantly higher reduction in oil stains, it will remain clean longer, it will more effectively facilitate other garage maintenance tasks, and it will help protect the environment.  Additionally, with our process barely any wash water or refuse will enter your drainage system which can cause future headaches and undue financial expense when the pipes clog up.  The garage will also be completely dry in significantly less time, often within a couple hours of completion.  As if this were not enough, a further benefit of our process is that we can take on multi-level garages and do one level at a time without needing to evacuate the entire garage for fear of leaking water onto the contents of the other levels of the garage we are not currently working on and causing significant water damage.

OUR PROCESS:   We use specially adapted surface cleaners and vacuum booms to blast every square inch of floor space with 120-180 degree water pressurized to 3,500 pounds per square inch while simultaneously, and instantaneously capturing virtually all of the used wash water.  Please Contact Us for a quick but comprehensive demonstration at no risk or cost.

WASTE WATER RECLAMATION:  We capture and remove both the refuse and used wash water for disposal at a commercial treatment plant instead of flushing it out into the natural environment if your property is plumbed to the municipal storm water infrastructure.  The reason we capture is because the use of hot water amplifies the cleaning result, i.e., cleaning via hot water dislodges far more contaminants and engine oil stains than cleaning via cold water.  This makes our process good for your garage but potentially destructive to our environment if the wash water is left unchecked-  hence the reclamation.

MAINTENANCE FACILITATION:  Immediately after we clean your garage will be an excellent time to re-stripe and repaint your garage.  That's because there will be virtually zero dust, virtually zero dirt, and virtually zero surface oils left over.  In other words, our process is the most thorough but practical preparation possible, thereby allowing new paint to both adhere better and endure significantly longer.

DAMAGE PREVENTION:  Our central process when using the rotary surface cleaners, negates the complications that arise from overspray and leakage.  So we have the ability to thoroughly clean right up against personal items stored in the garage with out damaging them, or covering them in muddy or sandy overspray.

ENVIRONMENTAL:   By not flushing many gallons of engine oil and dirt-laden used wash water into the drain, our process helps both the nearby natural habitat and nearby Waters of the State stay clean and beautiful.

Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc.

Proudly Serving Seattle, Western Washington, and the Greater Puget Sound.


  1. Hot water pressure washing uses significantly less water when compared with cold water pressure washing to the same standard of cleanliness. In general it’s about twice as water efficient, however when oil, traffic, and other petroleum based stains or chewing gum are considered, this advantage is compounded many times over. Hot water simply cuts through oil based stains much more efficiently.

  2. Hot water pressure washing dislodges far more surface dirt with less energy and substantially less water when compared with cold water.

  3. Simply heating the water in a pressure washing system is in many ways equal to or better than introducing detergent additives to cold water. A great many detergents available today are not something you want on your unprotected skin, so it’s not a good idea to flush these chemicals out into the natural environment, through municipal storm drains which lead to the “Waters of the State”. These natural waters and water ways are protected by the Clean Water Act, passed into law in the 1940’s and significantly expanded in the 1970’s.

  4. Although not yet heavily enforced, the use of hot water is generally not permitted and not legal, unless a reclamation system is also employed, precisely because it is so much more effective at dislodging and releasing contaminants. To take it a bit further, pressure washing in general, including cold water only, requires the use of a reclamation system. Nothing but natural rain is legally permitted to enter any municipal storm drain.

  5. Without including the added cost of a reclamation system which is usually required when pressure washing, the net benefits of using hot water far outweigh the added cost of fuel used at the burner where the water is heated.

  6. While providing a superior cleaning result, hot water will lessen the amount of time your contractor and his equipment are exposed to your customers or residents.

  7. The use of hot water significantly reduces the cost of waste water transport and disposal because it is generally twice as water efficient.

  8. Since labor, fuel, and water consumption rise so drastically in most cleaning situations when using cold water, generally it is more efficient to just settle for a lesser result.

  9. The most common myth and most common false assumption about hot water pressure washing is that it costs more for the contractor to perform, and thus will cost more for the customer. An experienced pressure washing contractor knows that using hot water actually costs him less resources, in addition to providing better looking results. The equipment is more expensive to acquire initially but ultimately is costs less.


  1. Hiring a contractor who has the ability to reclaim used wash water is the best way to avoid costly fines from governmental authorities tasked with enforcing the Clean Water Act.

  2. Waste water reclamation allows the use of hot water which is a far superior method in most cleaning situations.

  3. Unless the project you want your contractor to perform is giant, the cost of reclamation pressure washing is less than the vacuum truck fees incurred when a local inspector requires that a storm drain basin be cleaned out.

  4. Although more expensive to employ, reclamation pressure washing ensures that the used wash water which is usually unpleasant to smell or even to look at, is not discharged to a place where the wildlife present are biologically unequipped to deal with it and remain healthy.

  5. In a developed where the used wash water will run to a storm drain, regardless of the dirt or contaminants you want your contractor to clean up, waste water capture is the only option if you don’t want your waste discharged directly to the nearest stream, river, lake, or the Puget Sound.