Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is a mobile cleaning and maintenance company specializing in commercial hot water reclamation pressure washing, and the growing need for containment, capture, and safe disposal of the waste water generated from cleaning operations.  Most often this is during specific pressure washing applications ranging from hot or cold water to the use of soaps, degreasers, oil emulsifiers, and other cleaning agents.  We are a small business, local to Redmond, WA serving the greater Seattle area, Puget Sound, and the Pacific Northwest.

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Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc.

Proudly Serving Seattle, Western Washington, and the Greater Puget Sound.

Before founding Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. my personal experience included cleaning well over a million square feet of concrete, thousands of shopping carts, and hundreds of trash compactors.  You can trust in genuine working experience earned in time and honest and often uncomfortable self appraisal.  As a company our first goal is to cultivate great business relationships, and to enjoy serving our customers to the best of our ability.  I thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Ben Shrope,

founder and owner, Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc.

Do you have “DUMP NO WASTE” stenciled on your storm drain?

No drains, or are your drains hopelessly clogged?

Is your drain long such as those along a fuel station pad, that looks impossible to protect?Reclamation_Pressure_Washing.html
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Waster water capture and disposal services can be available for vendors without reclamation equipment, Contact Us to find out more.Contact_Us.html
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Please Contact Us for a free demonstration of any of our techniques including indoor hot water pressure washing, standard pressure washing and any of our reclamation techniques!Contact_Us.html